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About us

We are a team of legal and technology professionals who have created technology to help you win and better manage your legal suits.

We have combined technology solutions in one easy to use dashboard that have helped us win our legal battles. Get the competitive advantage you need today to take on more clients and win more cases.

Did You Know?

  • CivilSoot is for both civil and criminal proceedings
  • If you don't absolutely love our service, we'll gladly refund your money
  • More than 50% of all attorneys in Harris county use CivilSoot
  • Pro Se litigants have had favorable outcomes using our legal systems
  • CivilSoot guides you through every step of the legal process
  • We designed our systems with pro se litigants, attorneys, law firms, and mediators in mind

Latest questions and answers

Featured Attorney

1What marketing services do you provide for attorneys and law firms?

Custom websites and social media marketing that will bring clients to you.

Many websites for law firms and attorneys are out of date and incomplete. We will build you a fully up to date website and submit your contact information to directories to ensure you are found by prospects. Most attorneys and law firms have yet to embrace social media marketing. Our professionals will build your online presence and keep it up to date.

2What type of technology systems do you use?

We offer turnkey systems to manage your cases and clients from start to finish.

Imagine being able to draft motions in minutes anywhere in the world including from mobile devices. You and your clients can make case notes, add journal entries with important events and facts. Schedule important dates and clients and send SMS reminders automatically.

3How can you help me win more cases and take on more clients?

Good attorneys know the key to winning cases is preparation and organization.

Choosing to keep your case information in CivilSoot allows you to be organized and help you and your clients plan and collaborate on your cases. You will have access to all systems and processes in a professional dashboard that offers single pane of glass view of the entire case.

4Can I host CivilSoot technology on my own private servers or does it have to stay in the cloud?

We value your client confidentiality and offer hybrid in-house and cloud hosted solutions.

While keeping your information safe and secure in the cloud is a good option. If you want to have complete control of your case data, feel free to contact us directly for a customized solution.

5Can I use CivilSoot on my mobile phone or tablet?

If you're sitting in front of your computer, you don't have enough clients.

Performing mediation, client consultations, making court appearances and other activities will keep you away from your computer. CivilSoot allows you to work on the go and keeps everything in sync with your desktop or laptop computer.

Virginia Portz

The Law Office of Virginia L. Portz

My specialty is family law and my passion is helping my clients win their case and fight for their legal rights in divorce and custody cases in Harris and surrounding counties.

Choose your monthly plan

Pro Se

$19/ monthly

Individuals who represent themselves in criminal and civil proceedings

  • 2 cases at least
  • Case journal
  • 1 Free consultation
  • Legal Documents
  • 3 motions


$99/ monthly

Perfect for law firms or new attorneys with their own private practice

  • Unlimited clients
  • Case management
  • Online bookings
  • Attorney Directory Listing
  • Online journal for clients


$199/ monthly

Exclusively for board certified and professional attorneys

  • EZ legal document creator
  • Online case journal
  • Online Bookings with payment
  • Premium Listing in Law Directory
  • Suit and client management