Exhibit Stamper and Bates Stamper Online

Exhibit Stamper automatically stamps legal documents with exhibit stickers and PDF and includes bates stamping.

Change the image and the text from the Stamp Settings tab

Upload Exhibits

Stamp image

You can add multiple stamps. Just press "Add a Stamp" to proceed.

Custom Stamp: Upload your image

FileType (jpg, png, gif) - Maximum filesize: 10 MB



Add custom stamp

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Document no. %PDF_NUMBER - Stamped on %DATE

Custom text

You can add multiple custom smart texts. Check out the special variables table below to create useful smart texts.

%PDF_NUMBERIndex of the exhibit (Example: 1).
%PDF_INDEXIndex of the exhibit and the total (eg.: 1 of 10).
%PAGE_NUMBERPage number of the stamped exhibit (eg.: 3).
%PAGE_INDEXNumber of the current page and total (eg.: 3 of 10).
%DATETIMEThe date and time when the exhibit was stamped (eg.: 09-08-2014 15:10:24)
%DATEThe date when the exhibit was stamped (eg.: 09-08-2014)
%TIMEThe time when the exhibit was stamped (eg.: 15:10:24)
%DAYThe day when the exhibit was stamped (eg.: 09)
%MONTHThe month when exhibit was stamped (eg.: 08)
%YEARThe year when the exhibit was stamped (eg.: 2014)

Other examples:


Signed on the %DATE

Archived in the year (%DATE)

Automatically signed at %TIME on the %DATE

Digitally stamped on the %DAY/%MONTH/%YEAR

In this demo the text will be printed in the bottom left corner. You can change the coordinates in the configuration file.

Global Preferences

Pages to stamp

Merge the exhibits into one


The following preference is available only if you merge the exhibits into one.

Enable Compression
Recude the image quality and the total file weight

Congrats! You have stamped exhibits successfully!


  • The maximum number of files for uploads in this is 20.
  • The maximum single file size in this is 10 MB.
  • Only PDF files are allowed.
  • Uploaded files will be deleted automatically every hour.
  • You can drag & drop files from your desktop on this webpage.
  • Please refer to the documentation for more information.


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