Judges Can Do Whatever They Want

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December 14, 2014
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Judges Can Do Whatever They Want

How Judges Screw You Over Legally

It’s true. Judges can pretty much do whatever they want. They have judicial immunity as well. Right or wrong, the judges are the first line of decision makers. Some are elected and some are appointed.

They also hear thousands of cases in a year and are very smart when it comes to making decisions and rulings. Most people believe that their case is unique and requires special attention and care–but unfortunately, it is impossible for a judge to handle every case with due diligence.

Their goal is to “clear the food” off their plate before more gets dumped on it. This involves quick and efficient resolution of issues and problems. When someone throws a monkey wrench in their standard operating procedure, interesting things begin to take place.

For instance, judges can “trick” you, mislead you, and get you to sign and do things against your own natural will. How is this possible you ask? Well physcology is a real science. Furthermore, most judges were previously attorneys for several years so they are well aware of all the games that go on in courtrooms. They have access to just about everything including government records and other information.

And if you don’t like their decision what can you do? Appeal. However appeal is a lengthy and expensive process and even the appellate courts will try to deny and dispose of the appeal as quickly as possible to “clean their plate off”.

Never forget judges are people too. This means that they can go on your Facebook and other social media accounts and learn more about you. They don’t even have to do it themselves, they can get one of their staff members to do it for them and then report back.

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