If You’re Not Happy With An Outcome Object!

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If You’re Not Happy With An Outcome Object!

Objecting is something I wish I had done more of. Too often litigants who are pro se let their feelings, thoughts, and emotions cloud their judgment and instincts.

Remember, the courtroom isn’t a place for family and friend games and being nice. It is a war room. A battle ground and not for the weak or meek. No attorney that I know of plays to lose, everyone is playing to win and that should be your attitude as well.

So how do you preserve issues or bring issues to the Court’s attention. The only way I know how is by writing a “Written Objection” and filing it with the court and/or raising objections during any proceeding.

Now this is where it gets tricky for pro se litigants. You should have a valid legal reason or theory for objecting. If you don’t, have a valid legal reason then explain simply and swiftly why you think a particular evidence should not be admitted or testimony should be excluded.

Below is a list of some common objections I have used in court:

“Ask and Answer”



“Counsel is testifying”

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